NAS Module Server Command Line Reference
(Release 13.2)

The Command Line Interface (CLI) can be accessed in any of the following ways:

These utilities allow you to access the CLI, which then requires that you log in before issuing commands. The default login user name and password for the server are:

Username: supervisor
Password: supervisor

Refer to the System Access Guide for more information about using the utilities listed above.

Command Line Reference

Click on a man page name to view additional reference information.


The following table lists topics that are functional areas or concepts relevant to the NAS server, but are not, in themselves, commands. These topics provide information relating to one or more commands, file service protocols, or technologies used by the NAS server. Click on a topic link to view the man page for that topic.



The following table lists NAS server commands. The information in the man page for each command describes the command, shows the command syntax, and may also provide examples and/or links to other relevant information. Click on a command name link to view the man page for that command.

By default, the table is sorted by command name in alphabetical order. Click on the Privilege Level column heading to group the commands by privilege level. When commands are grouped by privilege level, they are sorted by name in alphabetical order. To sort all commands by name (regardless of privilege level), click the Command column heading.

Command Privilege Level Description
adjoinedfs-create Supervisor This command has been deprecated.
adjoinedfs-expand Supervisor This command has been deprecated.
adjoinedfs-status Supervisor While adjoined file systems are deprecated, the command displays the state of a given one.
adjoinedfs-unlink Supervisor Unlinks adjoined file system leaving it as an ordinary file system.
adjoinedfs-update-status Supervisor While adjoined filesystems are deprecated, the command updates the status of a given one.
aes-stats Supervisor show or reset the AES stats
agg Supervisor Configure/Display aggregation interfaces
agg-upgrade Supervisor Upgrade aggregation configuration
aggedit Supervisor Configure an aggregation interface
aggregate-linux-interface-create Supervisor Create an eth-ag interface
aggregate-linux-interface-delete Supervisor Delete an eth-ag interface
aggregate-linux-interface-show Supervisor Display eth-ag interfaces
alert-mail User Report/configure alerts by email
alert-send-test Supervisor Immediately send an alert to all configured recipients
alert-snmp User Report/configure alerts by SNMP
alert-summary Supervisor Send alert summary now
alert-syslog User Report/configure alerts by syslog
apppro-stats Supervisor Display AppPro statistics
apropos Any Search command names and descriptions and man pages
arp Supervisor ARP table manipulation
async-lock-perf Supervisor Display asynchronous file region lock statistics
at Supervisor Manipulate at job table
audit-log-clear Supervisor Clear (empty) the current file system audit log for a file system
audit-log-consolidated-cache Supervisor Configure or display the file system audit log consolidated cache
audit-log-consolidated-cache-reset Supervisor Reset the file system audit log consolidated cache file
audit-log-consolidated-cache-show Supervisor Display the file system audit log consolidated cache file
audit-log-consolidated-cache-stats Supervisor Display basic file system audit log consolidated cache statistics
audit-log-perf Supervisor Display file system audit log performance statistics
audit-log-save Supervisor Save a copy of the current file system audit log for a file system
audit-log-show Supervisor Display the file system audit log for a file system
audit-log-stats Supervisor Display basic file system audit log statistics
audit-mgmt-log Supervisor View management audit log
audit-mgmt-log-server-add Supervisor Add a new management audit log server
audit-mgmt-log-server-connections Supervisor Show management audit log server connection status
audit-mgmt-log-server-delete Supervisor Delete a management audit log server
audit-mgmt-log-server-list Supervisor List configured management audit log servers
audit-mgmt-log-stats Supervisor Show management audit log statistics
audit-syslog Supervisor Configure file system audit logging by syslog
autodoc User Auto document commands
autoinquiry-config Supervisor Enables/disables autoinquiry persistently.
autoinquiry-stats Supervisor Display statistics for autoinquiry
automount Supervisor Queries/sets the current automount setting
autoresponse-config Supervisor Enables/disables autoresponse
autoresponse-stats Supervisor Display statistics for autoresponse
autoserver Supervisor Automatically set up server functions for box
backup-device-allow-access Supervisor Allow access to one or more tape or media changer devices
backup-device-deny-access Supervisor Deny access to one or more tape/media changer devices
backup-device-forget Supervisor Remove one or more backup devices from the ID Manager database
backup-device-set-evs Supervisor Assign one or more tape drives or robots to one or all EVSs
backup-devices-list User List NDMP devices, such as tape drives and media changers
backupregistry Supervisor Backup the registry file to the current directory
banner-get Supervisor Display the login banner
banner-get-enabled Supervisor Report whether the login banner is enabled.
banner-set Supervisor Modify the login banner
banner-set-enabled Supervisor Enable or disable the login banner
batt-log-show Supervisor Display contents of battery log
batt-show Supervisor Display battery information
block-sizes Supervisor List the block sizes available
boot-reasons Supervisor Show board boot reasons
bypass-permissions-check Supervisor Disable fs access control
cache-bias Supervisor Set bias of obj-store metadata cache for small files, large files or auto
cacls-add Supervisor Add ACLs and ACEs to a Security Descriptor
cacls-del Supervisor Delete ACLs and ACEs from a Security Descriptor
cacls-mask-in Supervisor Mask (logically OR) in Security Descriptor element values
cacls-mask-out Supervisor Mask (logically AND) out Security Descriptor values
cacls-set Supervisor Set Security Descriptor element values
calculate-validator Supervisor Calculate object validator
cat Supervisor Displays a dump of user data of one or more files
cd Supervisor Change the current directory
chassis-drive-clean-configuration Supervisor Run the chassis drive management script
chassis-drive-media-scan Supervisor Run the chassis drive media scan utility
chassis-drive-status Supervisor Display the chassis drive status
check-directory Supervisor Schedules a check of a directory on the specified file system
check-fsa-bitmap Supervisor Schedules a check of the FSA bitmap on the specified, unmounted file system
check-objstore Supervisor Checks the object store metadata for a given object
checkfs Supervisor Schedules a check of the specified file system
checkpoint-stats Supervisor Dumps stats on checkpoints for specified file system
chgrp Supervisor Change the group associated with a file
chmod Supervisor Change Unix file access permissions
chown Supervisor Change the owner associated with a file
cifs-auth Supervisor Enable/disable CIFS authentication for current EVS
cifs-close Supervisor Closes files opened over CIFS
cifs-compound Supervisor Display SMB compound command combinations
cifs-config-clear Supervisor Clear all CIFS serving names for the EVS in context.
cifs-config-list Supervisor List currently-configured CIFS serving names for the EVS in context.
cifs-dc Supervisor Manages the Domain Controller cache.
cifs-dc-broadcast Supervisor Used to enable/disable domain controller discovery using NetBIOS broadcast
cifs-dc-clock-accept Supervisor Adjust tolerance of server / DC clock skew.
cifs-dc-discovery-stats Supervisor Report Domain Controller discovery statistics
cifs-dc-errors Supervisor Report CIFS DC protocol errors
cifs-dc-stats User Report Domain Controller statistics
cifs-ddns Supervisor Enable/disable ADS CIFS name registration with DDNS
cifs-errors Supervisor Report CIFS protocol errors
cifs-file-pointer-config Supervisor Manages the maintenance of CIFS file pointers
cifs-home-directory Supervisor Configure options for CIFS home directories
cifs-kdc-comms Supervisor List / change CIFS KDC communications type.
cifs-keytab-list Supervisor Lists keytabs for ADS CIFS names
cifs-log-access-administrators-only Supervisor Set cifs logs access to administrators only
cifs-log-access-mode Supervisor Displays the current cifs log access mode
cifs-log-access-unrestricted Supervisor Allow unrestricted cifs log access
cifs-max-multiplex Supervisor Manage the max number of concurrent CIFS requests allowed
cifs-max-supported-version Supervisor Set or display the maximum supported version of SMB
cifs-min-supported-version Supervisor Set or display the minimum supported version of SMB
cifs-name Supervisor Manage list of CIFS serving names
cifs-perf Supervisor Display CIFS performance statistics
cifs-restrict-anonymous Supervisor Enables or disables support for restricting anonymous CIFS users.
cifs-saa User Manages Share Access Authentication in real file systems, cluster or EVS namespaces
cifs-server-comment-get Supervisor cifs-server-comment-get
cifs-server-comment-set Supervisor cifs-server-comment-set
cifs-share User Manipulate CIFS shares on real file systems, cluster namespaces, or EVS namespaces
cifs-smb2-disable Supervisor Disables the SMB2 service.
cifs-smb2-durable-open-file-scavenger-timer-display Supervisor Display the SMB2 durable open file scavenger timer
cifs-smb2-durable-open-file-scavenger-timer-set Supervisor Set the SMB2 durable open file scavenger timer
cifs-smb2-enable Supervisor Enables the SMB2 service
cifs-smb2-orphaned-durable-open-files Supervisor Display the orphaned durable open files
cifs-smb2-signing-perf Supervisor Display SMB2 signing performance statistics
cifs-smb2-signing-required-default Supervisor Sets SMB2 signing required to the default value
cifs-smb2-signing-required-disable Supervisor Disables SMB2 signing required
cifs-smb2-signing-required-enable Supervisor Enables SMB2 signing required
cifs-smb2-signing-status Supervisor Displays SMB2 signing required status.
cifs-smb2-status Supervisor Display the status of the SMB2 service (enabled or disabled).
cifs-smb3-signing-perf Supervisor Display SMB3 signing performance statistics
cifs-smb3-signing-required-default Supervisor Sets SMB3 signing required to the default value
cifs-smb3-signing-required-disable Supervisor Disables SMB3 signing required
cifs-smb3-signing-required-enable Supervisor Enables SMB3 signing required
cifs-smb3-signing-status Supervisor Displays SMB3 signing required status.
cifs-spnego-auth Supervisor List / change ADS SPNEGO authentication type support.
cifs-state Supervisor Show count of CIFS objects in use
cifs-stats User Report or reset CIFS statistics
cifs-user-lookup-access Supervisor List / change anonymous client LSA access via the server.
cluster-create Supervisor Create an Active-Active cluster
cluster-extend-create Supervisor Extend the cluster for disaster recovery
cluster-extend-delete Supervisor Delete the extended cluster
cluster-extend-join Supervisor Join the cluster to form an extended cluster
cluster-extend-status User Report whether the cluster is extended
cluster-extend-unconfigure Supervisor Unconfigure the extended cluster
cluster-getmac Supervisor find the MAC address associated with the cluster
cluster-join Supervisor Join an existing cluster
cluster-node-delete Supervisor Remove a node from cluster
cluster-node-rename Supervisor Rename a Cluster Node
cluster-node-route-add Supervisor Add a cluster-node-route configuration entry
cluster-node-route-delete Supervisor Delete a cluster-node-route configuration entry
cluster-node-route-delete-all Supervisor Delete all cluster-node-route configuration entries
cluster-node-route-disable Supervisor Disable cluster-node-route configuration
cluster-node-route-enable Supervisor Enable cluster-node-route configuration
cluster-node-route-gateway-add Supervisor Add a gateway route
cluster-node-route-gateway-delete Supervisor Delete a gateway route
cluster-node-route-host-add Supervisor Add a cluster host route
cluster-node-route-host-delete Supervisor Delete a cluster host route
cluster-node-route-list User Display cluster-node-route configuration
cluster-node-route-net-add Supervisor Add a cluster network route
cluster-node-route-net-delete Supervisor Delete a cluster network route
cluster-node-route-status User Show the cluster-node-route configuration status
cluster-ping Supervisor Ping cluster nodes and quorum devices
cluster-rename Supervisor Rename a Cluster
cluster-show User Show cluster parameters and node status
cluster-unconfigure Supervisor Unconfigure a cluster
cn User Run command on specific pnode
cns-icc-perf Supervisor Display ICC link response times
cod-backup-dump Supervisor Show the full contents of a file created by sd-back-up-cod or span-back-up-cod
cod-backup-list Supervisor Show brief details of a file created by span-back-up-cod or sd-back-up-cod
connection Supervisor Show/delete/reset stats for network protocol connections
connstats User Report/Reset TCP connection statistics
console-context User Change the context for the current console
console-logging Supervisor Set/show logging of console commands
contact-info User Report/configure contact information. This command has been replaced with system-information-get and system-information-set.
credentials-list Supervisor Lists credentials
credentials-reassess Supervisor reassess credentials after changes to mappings/local group/primary group tables
crontab Supervisor Manipulate cron job table
cvl-convert Supervisor Schedule conversion from CVL1 to a CVL2
cvl-target Supervisor Displays the target of a cross volume link
dailystatusreport Supervisor Send a daily status report now
dblog Supervisor View console output
dcerpc-default-state-show User Show DCE/RPC default state.
dcerpc-endpoints-show Supervisor Show DCE/RPC endpoints.
dcerpc-service-show User Show DCE/RPC Service(s).
dcerpc-stats User Show DCE/RPC Statistics.
dcerpc-stats-reset Supervisor Reset DCE/RPC Statistics.
ddns-refresh Supervisor refreshes ddns registrations
dedupe-queue-add Supervisor Queue a file system to be deduped
dedupe-queue-status Supervisor Reports the pnodes dedupe queue status
dedupe-service Supervisor Start/Stop dedupe service
default-owner-policy Supervisor Set default owner policy
default-quota User Manages default user/group quotas
default-resiliency-level Supervisor Sets the cluster-wide default resiliency level.
devinfo Supervisor Display info on a specified device
devuser Supervisor Limit access to the top level user
df User Display disk utilization by file systems
diag-sources Supervisor List, enable or disable sending of certain diagemails
diagemail Supervisor Send a diagnostic email
diagnostic-provider-run Supervisor run a single diagnostic provider
diagshowall Supervisor Run all commands in showall.txt
directory-entry-crc Supervisor Calculates the CRC of a directory entry
dlm-errors Supervisor Report DLM protocol errors
dlm-stats Supervisor Display Distributed Lock Manager statistics
dnsdomainname User Define DNS domain name
dnssearch User Define DNS search list
dnsserver User Define DNS servers
domain-mappings-add Supervisor Adds a domain mapping to the mapping table
domain-mappings-delete Supervisor Deletes an entry from the domain mapping table
domain-mappings-list Supervisor lists domain mapping entries
domain-mappings-modify Supervisor This command has been removed - please use domain-mappings-replace instead
domain-mappings-replace Supervisor Replaces an entry from the domain mapping table
domain-mappings-use-default Supervisor Sets whether the default domain mapping entry should be used if no other entries exist
domainname User Get or set the current NIS domain.
dpv-control Supervisor Display DPV control
dsb Supervisor Show DSB information
dsb-set-file-counts Supervisor Set file counts on the latest DSB
du User Displays true and apparent disk usage for a specific file
dump-disk Supervisor Attempts to interpret and dump disk contents to the console
dump-freed-blocks-list Supervisor Dumps the contents of a given Freed Blocks List
dump-logged-stats Supervisor Dump logged statistics to the console
dynamic-log-delete Supervisor Delete dynamic log
dynamic-log-dump Supervisor Dumps dynamic log
echo User Display a line of text
enhanced-debug-stats Supervisor Control gathering of enhanced debugging information
enhanced-perf-stats Supervisor Control enhanced performance statistics gathering
ethernetstats User Report/reset ethernet statistics
event-log-definitions Supervisor Display event definitions
event-log-filter Supervisor Manage event log filters
event-log-generate Supervisor Generate an event
event-log-show Supervisor Show event log
evs User EVS management
evs-auto-failover Supervisor EVS management
evs-security User Change/report per EVS security settings
evs-select User Set EVS context
evsfs Supervisor EVS file system management
evsipaddr Supervisor EVS IP address management
evsmap Supervisor EVS/Cluster node map management
exit Any Exit the current shell
expandfs Supervisor Expands the specified file system
explain-wfs-status Supervisor Explain a given WfsStatus
fan-show Supervisor Display fan information
fc-fcp-log Supervisor Dump/clear the FCP logs
fc-hports Supervisor show host ports info
fc-log Supervisor dump/clear FC logs
fc-nodes Supervisor Print details of all target nodes
fc-ports Supervisor Print remote FC port info
fc-sessions Supervisor Print sessions info
fdp-load Supervisor Load information for FDP FPGA
fdp-profile Supervisor Profiles fdph1 state machines
feature-list-resolutions Supervisor Show how to boot a server that's prevented from booting by a feature lock
file-access-count-run Supervisor Show file access counts
file-access-count-start Supervisor Start file access counting
file-access-count-status Supervisor Show file access counting status
file-access-count-stop-and-dump Supervisor Stop file access counting and show results
file-clone-create Supervisor Clone a file's unnamed stream.
file-clone-declone Supervisor Declone a file's unnamed stream.
file-clone-delete-redundant-snapshot-files Supervisor Delete snapshot-files that are not utilised by a file system's extant file clones
file-clone-report-block-sharing Supervisor Report how much block sharing there is between a clone and each of its predecessor snapshot-files
file-clone-stat Supervisor Display information about a clone
file-clone-stat-snapshot-file Supervisor Display information about a snapshot file object based on its file handle or its object number
file-clone-update-used-count Supervisor Update all clone files to record the number of unique used blocks.
file-filtering Supervisor Control the file filtering interface
file-filtering-deregister Supervisor Deregister a file filtering agent that is currently registered with HNAS
file-filtering-failures Supervisor Report File filtering scan failures
file-filtering-failures-reset Supervisor Clear the failure log of file filtering failures
file-filtering-failures-show Supervisor Report file filtering failures
file-filtering-off Supervisor Turn the file filtering agent interface off
file-filtering-on Supervisor Turn the file filtering agent interface on
file-filtering-perf Supervisor Display File filtering performance statistics
file-filtering-reset Supervisor Reset an agent which is still registered but in a failed state
file-filtering-server-list Supervisor Display the registered file filtering agents
file-filtering-state Supervisor Display the file filtering agent interface state
file-filtering-statistics-reset Supervisor Reset the file filtering statistics that are displayed by the file-filtering-statistics-show command
file-filtering-statistics-show Supervisor Display the list of file filtering agents that are currently registered and reports the current statistics
file-region-locks Supervisor List a file's byte range locks
file-security-descriptor-delete Supervisor Delete a file's security descriptor
file-streams Supervisor Displays summary info about a file's data streams
filesystem-audit Supervisor Configure or display the file system audit log policy for a file system
filesystem-audit-reset Supervisor Reset the file system audit log for a file system
filesystem-chunk-translate-offset Supervisor Translate a filesystem chunk number and offset into different formats
filesystem-confine Supervisor Restrict or prevent auto-expansion of a filesystem
filesystem-create Supervisor Add a new filesystem to a span
filesystem-decode-si Supervisor Dump the config of a filesystem configured into DI's control memory
filesystem-delete Supervisor Delete a filesystem and all its data, leaving its host span in place
filesystem-dwb Supervisor Enable or disable dynamic write balancing for a filesystem
filesystem-enable-max-count Supervisor Enable the maximum count of filesystems
filesystem-expand Supervisor Allocate more space to a filesystem
filesystem-forget-and-delete-nv-data Supervisor Remove filesystems from the registry; delete their data in NVRAM
filesystem-hide Supervisor Hide a filesystem to prevent unwanted I/O
filesystem-leaf-onode-tier Supervisor Set/query where leaf onodes of regular files are written to
filesystem-limits User Show auto-expansion limits for a filesystem
filesystem-list User List filesystems
filesystem-list-chunks Supervisor List all chunks in a span or a filesystem
filesystem-list-expansions Supervisor Show recent fs-expansions stored by ID Manager
filesystem-list-queues Supervisor List filesystem notifications waiting to be sent by the spanning system on this server
filesystem-list-stored Supervisor List all filesystems known to the system, whether or not they're loaded
filesystem-notifications Supervisor List the last notification sent by the spanning system for each filesystem
filesystem-object-dump Supervisor List details of all loaded filesystems
filesystem-object-list Supervisor List all loaded filesystems
filesystem-raw-dump Supervisor Hexdump bytes from a filesystem, bypassing server caches
filesystem-recycle Supervisor Recycle a filesystem, discarding it from a span's recycle bin, so that it can no longer be undeleted
filesystem-release Supervisor Allow unlimited auto-expansion of a filesystem if its span is unconfined
filesystem-remake-tiers Supervisor Recalculates the MTFS state for a file system
filesystem-rename Supervisor Change a filesystem's label
filesystem-replay-expansions Supervisor Replay recent fs-expansions after restoring from a stale Cod backup
filesystem-reveal Supervisor Reveal a filesystem -- undo 'filesystem-hide'
filesystem-scalability Supervisor Estimate how far filesystems might expand, given space
filesystem-space-tracking Supervisor Enable or disable file system space tracking
filesystem-syslock Supervisor Set a filesystem into syslocked mode: read-only for protocols, read/write for NDMP
filesystem-sysunlock Supervisor Take a filesystem out of syslocked mode: make it read-write for protocols
filesystem-thin Supervisor Enable, disable or view thin provisioning for one or more filesystems
filesystem-translate-offset Supervisor Translate a filesystem offset into other formats
filesystem-undelete Supervisor Undelete a filesystem by moving it out of a span's recycle bin
filesystem-update-description Supervisor Refresh Span Manager's copy of several FS characteristics for an fs
find-allocations Supervisor Search volume and report on owner of allocations and the FSA bitmap state
find-entry Supervisor Attempts to report the paths to an object
for-each-board Supervisor Run a command on each board
for-each-cnode Supervisor Run a command in the context of each configured cnode
for-each-evs Supervisor Run a command in the context of each configured EVS
for-each-fs Supervisor Run a command in the context of each filesystem
for-each-vivol Supervisor Run a command in the context of each vivol
format Supervisor Formats the specified file system.
frag-stats Supervisor IP fragmentation stats
fs-accessed-time Supervisor Get/Set accessed time maintenance
fs-analyze-data-usage Supervisor Report on the type of data space is used for on a given file system
fs-browse-snapshots Supervisor Get/Set snapshot directory browsing configuration
fs-cancel-queued-task Supervisor Cancel a scheduled task that has not yet started
fs-checkpoint-health Supervisor Perform a health check on critical structures for recent checkpoints of the file system, or abort an existing check
fs-checkpoint-list Supervisor Lists checkpoints available to fs-checkpoint-select
fs-checkpoint-select Supervisor Force the selection of a specific checkpoint of a file system
fs-convert-to-enhanced-bitmap-resiliency Supervisor Convert a WFS-2 file system's free space bitmap to support enhanced bitmap resiliency
fs-convert-to-standard-bitmap-resiliency Supervisor Convert a WFS-2 file system's free space bitmap to support standard bitmap resiliency
fs-convert-to-support-dedupe Supervisor Convert a WFS-2 file system to support dedupe
fs-dacl-mode Supervisor Configures how the file system modifies a DACL when an NFS client applies a Unix mode or ownership change to a file/directory that has a security descriptor
fs-dedupe-history Supervisor Show the history of dedupe runs for a file system
fs-dedupe-status-get Supervisor List a file system's dedupe information
fs-dedupe-status-set Supervisor Enable/disable dedupe for a file system
fs-email User File system contact list management (outside a virtual volume)
fs-email-format User File system/virtual volume email format management
fs-error-log Supervisor Displays the file system error log
fs-free-space-measure-fragmentation Supervisor Gauge the degree of fragmentation of the remaining free space on a given file system
fs-no-dos-offline-for-xvl Supervisor set or clear the No-DOS-Offline-for-XVL flag for a file system
fs-perf-stats User Report average file system performance statistics
fs-quarantine-add Supervisor Add an object to quarantine
fs-quarantine-list Supervisor Display a list of all quarantined objects for each file system
fs-quarantine-release Supervisor Release one or more objects from file system quarantine
fs-quota-mode Supervisor Query/change the quota mode of a WFS-2 file system
fs-recover-space Supervisor Quickly recovers space scheduled to be freed
fs-reset-fixfs-resumption-point Supervisor Resets the point where fixfs should start checking the file system back to the beginning.
fs-resiliency-level Supervisor Sets a file system's resiliency level.
fs-sdg-utilization Supervisor Reports how a file system is utilizing each SD group in the underlying span
fs-show-queued-tasks Supervisor display all queued tasks
fs-soft-quotas-visible Supervisor Get/Set whether soft quotas affect freespace/capacity reporting
fs-space-reporting-based-solely-on-vivol-quota Supervisor Get/Set whether file system capacity/free space reporting for mount points within the vivol are based solely on the vivol's quota
fs-space-reservation Supervisor Displays the state of the file system space reservation handler
fs-spec Supervisor List filters available for specifying multiple filesystems at the command line
fs-stat Supervisor Report file system state/statistics
fs-usage User Set/list events when the file system hits certain levels
fs-user-quotas-visible Supervisor Get/Set whether user quotas affect freespace/capacity reporting
fsa-load Supervisor Load information for FSA FPGA
fsa-profile Supervisor Profiles fsah1 state machines
fsi-cache-flush Supervisor Flush FSI cache of all clean data
fsload Supervisor Report FS load history
fsm Supervisor Run command on other board
ftp-cfg Supervisor Show/modify FTP general configuration
ftp-log Supervisor Show/modify ftp audit logging configuration
ftp-stats User Report/reset FTP statistics
ftp-user Supervisor Report, create, delete & modify FTP user
getdiagnostic Supervisor Copy diagnostic file to local file
getmacid Any Report the MAC ID
give-domain-administrators-local-administrator-rights Supervisor Add all domain administrators to the local administrators group
global-id-cache-dump Supervisor Dump current state of Global Id change cache
global-id-cache-query-export Supervisor List changes in nfs export cache since <counter>
global-id-cache-query-group-mappings Supervisor List changes in group mappings cache since <counter>
global-id-cache-query-quota Supervisor List changes in quotas cache since <counter>
global-id-cache-query-share Supervisor List changes in CIFS share cache since <counter>
global-id-cache-query-user-mappings Supervisor List changes in user mappings cache since <counter>
global-id-counter-dump Supervisor Dump current state of Global Id change counters
global-id-map-dump Supervisor Dump current state of Global Id lists
global-symlink-add Supervisor Add a global symlink definition
global-symlink-del Supervisor Remove a global symlink definition
global-symlink-delall Supervisor Remove all global symlink definitions
global-symlink-list Supervisor List the configured global symlinks
group-mappings-add Supervisor Creates a group mapping
group-mappings-commit Supervisor Commits changes to the group mappings table
group-mappings-delete Supervisor Deletes an existing group mapping
group-mappings-import-from-nis Supervisor Imports Unix name <--> id mappings from NIS
group-mappings-list Supervisor Lists group mappings
group-mappings-modify Supervisor Modifies an existing group mapping
group-mappings-refresh Supervisor Refreshes group mapping(s)
gss-token-cache-info Supervisor Report count of entries in GSS token cache (for DDNS)
handle-to-path Supervisor Dumps the path of an object given its handle
hard-links Supervisor Displays info about a file's hard links
heap-density Supervisor Plot heap allocation density by address
heap-desired-size-remove Supervisor Remove the desired heap size configuration
heap-desired-size-reset Supervisor Reset the desired heap size
heap-desired-size-set Supervisor Set the desired heap size
heap-desired-size-show User Show the desired heap size
heap-info Supervisor Display heap info
heap-size Supervisor Display heap size
heap-vptr Supervisor Analyze heap usage
help Any Show command help
history Supervisor View the command history for this console
home-directory-perf Supervisor Display Home Directory performance statistics
home-directory-stats Supervisor Display basic home directory statistics
host User Host lookup
hport-wwn Supervisor Show the FC node WWN of the server and the WWN of each server port
hwdb Supervisor Show hardware database
hyas-stats Supervisor Display hyas statistics
i2c-dump Supervisor Dump I2C devices
ibstats Supervisor Dump interboard serial information
icc-stats User Show ICC packet driver statistics
icc-test Supervisor Loopback test for ICC ports
icmpstats User Report/reset ICMP statistics
icmpv6stats User Report/reset ICMPv6 statistics
id User Report/configure server identification. This command has been replaced with system-information-get and system-information-set.
idman-show-lock-owner Supervisor See who's using ID Manager
ifconfig User displays network configuration
ifdown Supervisor makes an interface administratively unavailable
ifup Supervisor makes an interface administratively available
ignore-unix-security-ops Supervisor Configures whether the server ignores NFS operations that attempt to set or change file/directory security attributes
ignore-unix-security-ops-clear Supervisor Clears the ignore-unix-security-ops setting on filesystem or ViVol so that it defaults to parent's setting
ignore-unix-security-ops-disable Supervisor Configures whether the server ignores NFS operations that attempt to set or change file/directory security attributes
ignore-unix-security-ops-enable Supervisor Configures whether the server ignores NFS operations that attempt to set or change file/directory security attributes
ignore-unix-security-ops-mode Supervisor Sets the mode for ignore-unix-security-ops*. The EVS level can act as a default or an override value
ignore-unix-security-ops-show Supervisor Configures whether the server ignores NFS operations that attempt to set or change file/directory security attributes
ingested-file-target Supervisor Displays the target of an ingested file
ip-stats-other User Report/reset other IP statistics
ipaddr Supervisor Cluster node IP address management
ipadv Supervisor Report/set advanced IP configuration
ipeng Supervisor Report/set engineering IP configuration
ipeng-path-mtu-link-flush-disable Supervisor Disable Path MTU flush on link-down.
ipeng-path-mtu-link-flush-enable Supervisor Enable Path MTU flush on link-down.
ipeng-path-mtu-set-defaults Supervisor Reset Path MTU configuration to defaults.
ipeng-path-mtu-show Supervisor Show Path MTU configuration.
ipeng-path-mtu-timeout Supervisor Show or set Path MTU timeout.
ipeng-pending-tx-conn-limit Supervisor Show or set current per connection pending tx buffer limits
ipeng-pending-tx-limit-disable Supervisor Disable pending request tx buffer limits
ipeng-pending-tx-limit-enable Supervisor Enable pending request tx buffer limits
ipeng-pending-tx-set-defaults Supervisor Reset pending request tx buffer limits to default values
ipeng-pending-tx-total-limit Supervisor Show or set current overall pending tx buffer limits
ipeng-suspect-flags-mitigation-disable Supervisor Disable countermeasures for segments with suspect header flags.
ipeng-suspect-flags-mitigation-enable Supervisor Enable countermeasures for segments with suspect header flags.
ipeng-suspect-flags-mitigation-show Supervisor Show whether countermeasures for segments with suspect header flags are active.
ipeng-syn-fin-discard-disable Supervisor Allow packets with syn and fin flags both set
ipeng-syn-fin-discard-enable Supervisor Discard packets with syn and fin flags both set
ipeng-syn-fin-discard-show Supervisor Show whether we discard packets if syn and fin flags are both set
ipeng-tcp-fin-timeout Supervisor Show or set TCP FIN timeout.
ipeng-tcp-fin-timeout-disable Supervisor Disable TCP FIN timeout.
ipeng-tcp-fin-timeout-set-defaults Supervisor Set TCP FIN timeout configuration to defaults.
ipeng-tcp-mss-limit Supervisor Show or set current tcp MSS upper limit value
ipeng-tcp-mss-limit-disable Supervisor Disable tx buffer limits
ipeng-tcp-mss-limit-set-defaults Supervisor Reset tcp MSS upper limit configuration to defaults.
ipeng-tx-buffer-limit Supervisor Show or set current tx buffer limits
ipeng-tx-buffer-limit-disable Supervisor Disable tx buffer limits
ipeng-tx-buffer-limit-enable Supervisor Enable tx buffer limits
ipeng-tx-buffer-limit-set-defaults Supervisor Reset tx buffer limits to default values
ipeng-zwp-limit-aggressive Supervisor Set current zero window probe limit for when buffers are plentiful.
ipeng-zwp-limit-mode Supervisor Set current zero window probe mode.
ipeng-zwp-limit-normal Supervisor Set current zero window probe limit for when buffers are running out.
ipeng-zwp-limit-set-defaults Supervisor Set current zero window probe mode and settings to defaults.
irdp Supervisor Configure/Display ICMP Router Discovery
iscsi-domain User Set, display or unset the iSCSI domain
iscsi-errors Supervisor Report iSCSI protocol errors
iscsi-initiator User Manage iSCSI initiators
iscsi-lu User Manages iSCSI Logical Units
iscsi-lu-dump Supervisor Show iSCSI LU diagnostic information
iscsi-lu-pr-dump Supervisor Show iSCSI LU Persistent Reservation information
iscsi-params User Manages iSCSI configurable parameters
iscsi-stats User Report iSCSI statistics
iscsi-target User Manages iSCSI targets
isns User Manages iSNS servers
jetapi-perf Supervisor Display JetAPI performance statistics
jetapi-stats Supervisor Display JetAPI statistics
kill-snapshots Supervisor Removes all snapshots from a file system
krb5-kdc-ipaddress Supervisor Get/Set gss/krb5 KDC IP Address
krb5-kdc-transport Supervisor Get/Set gss/krb5 KDC transport protocol
krb5-keytab Supervisor Manage Kerberos keytab
krb5-realm Supervisor Get/Set Kerberos realm
lacp Supervisor Display LACP interface diagnostics
lacp-set-timeout-default Supervisor Select default LACP timeout (short timeout)
lacp-set-timeout-long Supervisor Select long LACP timeout
lacp-set-timeout-short Supervisor Select short LACP timeout
lacp-show Supervisor Show LACP configuration
last-few-packets Supervisor Display details on the last few packets received
ldap-schema Supervisor Displays or changes LDAP client schema support.
ldap-search-config Supervisor Display / update LDAP search configuration settings
ldap-security Supervisor Display / update LDAP security settings
ldap-server Supervisor Manages the NIS LDAP Server cache.
ldap-show-pollers Supervisor Display present LDAP server polling fibers.
ldap-stats Supervisor Show / reset query statistics for one or all LDAP servers
ldap-timeout Supervisor List / change NIS-over-LDAP request timeout value.
led-identify-node Supervisor Use server status LEDs to identify physical node
legacy-nas-nfs-stats Supervisor Display statistics for legacy NAS NFS
licensekey User Manipulate software license keys
limits User Report network reassembly limits
ln Supervisor Create a link to file system object
local-group-disable-saving Supervisor Disables automatic saving of the local group table
local-group-save Supervisor Saves the local group table
local-password-delete Supervisor Removes any local authentication for the given user
local-password-delete-all Supervisor Removes all local authentication
local-password-list Supervisor Lists all users with local authentication configured
local-password-set Supervisor Sets up local authentication for the given user
localgroup User Manage members of local groups
localnetgroup Supervisor Add/remove local netgroup membership
location-info User Report/configure server location information. This command has been replaced with system-information-get and system-information-set.
lockd-client Supervisor Indicates whether the specified client may have NLM state and allows state to be removed
lockd-errors Supervisor Report NLM protocol errors
lockd-perf Supervisor Display lockd(NLM) performance statistics
lockd-state Supervisor Displays information on NLM locks for the specified file
lockd-sync-grant Supervisor Enables/disables using synchronous lockd GRANT requests.
login Any Login to console
logout Any Logout from the console
logtrace Supervisor Manage LogTrace objects
ls Supervisor Lists directory entries
lstat Supervisor Displays file information, doesn't follow symlinks
mac-stats User Display MAC chip statistics
maintenance Supervisor Suppresses alerts for the specified number of hours
man User Display a manual page
management-network-configuration-dry-run Supervisor Check if management network needs reconfiguring
management-network-configuration-update Supervisor Update management network configuration
max-dir-size Supervisor Set maximum directory size parameters
mbi-load Supervisor Load information for MBI FPGA
mbi-profile Supervisor Profiles mbih1 state machines
mclist Supervisor Show outstanding management requests on this cluster node
mcstats Supervisor List stats about management calls to, from and within this cluster node
md5sum Supervisor md5sum file(s)
mfb-asserts Supervisor Displays information about asserts from the Alteras
mfb-load Supervisor Show load information for the HFB1 module
mgmnt-log-show Supervisor Dump management log
migration-add-external-path Supervisor Adds an external migration path for the specified vivol/volume.
migration-add-path Supervisor Adds a migration path for the specified vivol/volume.
migration-change-external-path Supervisor Modifies a target of the external migration path for the specified vivol/volume.
migration-cloud-account-create Supervisor Create an external cloud migration account
migration-cloud-account-delete Supervisor Delete an external cloud migration account
migration-cloud-account-list Supervisor List the external cloud migration accounts
migration-cloud-account-modify Supervisor Modify an external cloud migration account
migration-cloud-agg-config-stats Supervisor Display statistics about Cloud Gateway's agg config queries
migration-cloud-cleanup Supervisor Purge or un-delete files after FS has been recovered from a snapshot or snapshot was deleted
migration-cloud-cleanup-cancel-all Supervisor Cancel all background cleanup processes on Cloud Gateway
migration-cloud-cleanup-cancel-fs Supervisor Cancel background cleanup process on Cloud Gateway for a file system
migration-cloud-destination-create Supervisor Creates an external cloud migration destination
migration-cloud-destination-delete Supervisor Delete an external cloud migration destination
migration-cloud-destination-list Supervisor List the external cloud migration destinations
migration-cloud-destination-modify Supervisor Modify an external cloud migration destination
migration-cloud-history-clear Supervisor Clears the cloud migration history for a specified policy.
migration-cloud-history-list Supervisor Lists cloud migration history for a specified policy.
migration-cloud-policy-create Supervisor Create an external cloud migration policy
migration-cloud-policy-delete Supervisor Delete an external cloud migration policy
migration-cloud-policy-list Supervisor List the external cloud migration policies
migration-cloud-policy-modify Supervisor Modify an external cloud migration policy
migration-cloud-rule-create Supervisor Create an external migration rule
migration-cloud-rule-delete Supervisor Delete an external migration rule
migration-cloud-rule-delete-all Supervisor Delete all unused external migration rules
migration-cloud-rule-list Supervisor List an external migration rules
migration-cloud-rule-modify Supervisor Modify an external migration rule
migration-cloud-schedule-create Supervisor Create an external cloud migration schedule
migration-cloud-schedule-delete Supervisor Delete an external cloud migration schedule
migration-cloud-schedule-list Supervisor List the external cloud migration schedules
migration-cloud-schedule-modify Supervisor Modify an external cloud migration schedule
migration-cloud-schedule-run-now Supervisor Immediately run an external cloud migration schedule
migration-cloud-schedule-stop-now Supervisor Immediately stop a running external cloud migration
migration-cloud-service-disable Supervisor Disable the Data Migrator to Cloud service
migration-cloud-service-enable Supervisor Enable the Data Migrator to Cloud service
migration-cloud-service-mode-set Supervisor Updates the data transfer mode and restarts Cloud Gateway process
migration-cloud-service-mode-show Supervisor Shows the current data transfer mode that Cloud Gateway is running in
migration-cloud-service-status Supervisor Shows the current status of Data Migrator to Cloud processes
migration-delete-external-path Supervisor Deletes the specified target from an external migration path.
migration-delete-path Supervisor Deletes the specified migration path if it is inactive.
migration-expand-external-path Supervisor Adds new targets to an external migration path.
migration-expand-path Supervisor Adds new target file systems to a multi-target migration path.
migration-get-dependencies Supervisor Gets cross file system link dependencies for either source or target file system
migration-get-ids Supervisor Gets hexadecimal ids or names of a file system and optionally a vivol.
migration-get-path Supervisor Displays the migration destination for the specified vivol/file system.
migration-list-ctrl-dir-requests Supervisor lists all request files contained in the control directory of the specified migration path
migration-list-paths Supervisor Lists all data migration destinations for a file system.
migration-recreate-links-mode Supervisor Configures the recreation mode for migrated files
migration-set-ctrl-dir Supervisor Sets a control directory for a migration path
migration-update-paths Supervisor Checks if paths for this file system are active and updates status.
mkdir Supervisor Creates directories
mmb-mem-size Supervisor Show the amount of memory on the MMB
model-show Supervisor Display model numbers
mount Supervisor Mounts one or more file systems
mount-errors Supervisor Report MOUNT protocol errors
mount-requires-nvram Supervisor Queries/sets the mount policy regarding NVRAM.
mscfg Supervisor Set management server configuration
msconnections Supervisor List management server connections
msstats Supervisor Management server statistics
mtu User Display/Configure Local network MTU Table
multi-tenancy-disable Supervisor disable multi-tenant environment
multi-tenancy-enable Supervisor enable multi-tenant environment
multi-tenancy-show Supervisor show status of multi-tenant environment
mv Supervisor Moves (renames) a file
nail Supervisor Send mail with attachment
nameservice-host User Formerly used to provide board specific host name lookup
namespace-capacity Supervisor Displays the capacity of a cluster or EVS namespace
namespace-create Supervisor Creates a cluster or EVS namespace
namespace-delete Supervisor Removes a cluster or EVS namespace
namespace-list Supervisor Displays the name of the configured namespace and, optionally, its links
namespace-ls Supervisor Displays the contents of a cluster or EVS namespace
namespace-mkdir Supervisor Creates a directory within a cluster or EVS namespace
namespace-mklink Supervisor Creates a link to a file system within a cluster or EVS namespace
namespace-modlink Supervisor Modifies the options for a link within a cluster namespace
namespace-mv Supervisor Renames an object within a cluster or EVS namespace
namespace-rm Supervisor Removes an object within a cluster or EVS namespace
namespace-showlink Supervisor Displays the options for a link within a cluster namespace
nat-mapping-clear Supervisor Delete all the NAT mappings
nat-mapping-list Supervisor Display the NAT mappings
ndmp-backup-snapshot-rules Supervisor Show or set the snapshot rules to be used when backing up object replication targets
ndmp-clear-history Supervisor Clear NDMP history information
ndmp-device-assigned-name-delete Supervisor Delete a name assigned to an NDMP device
ndmp-device-assigned-name-list Supervisor List names assigned to NDMP devices
ndmp-device-assigned-name-set Supervisor Assign a name to an NDMP device
ndmp-device-release Supervisor Release the specified NDMP device
ndmp-device-stats Supervisor Dump the stats for the specified ndmp device
ndmp-device-trace Supervisor Dump the set of currently enabled device traces or the trace for the specified device
ndmp-device-trace-add Supervisor Start per-device tracing for the specified NDMP subsystem
ndmp-device-trace-remove Supervisor Stop per-device tracing for the specified NDMP subsystem
ndmp-devices-list User Display NDMP device information
ndmp-devices-update Supervisor Check for NDMP device configuration changes
ndmp-enhanced-stats Supervisor Switch on/off enhanced stats
ndmp-fc-device-number-delete Supervisor Delete assignment of a number to a Fibre Channel Device used by NDMP
ndmp-fc-device-number-list User Display NDMP numbers assigned to FC devices
ndmp-fc-device-number-set Supervisor Assign a number to Fibre Channel Device used by NDMP
ndmp-history Supervisor List history of backups
ndmp-management-ports-display Supervisor Display NDMP management relay ports
ndmp-management-ports-set Supervisor Set NDMP management relay ports
ndmp-management-ports-unset Supervisor Unset NDMP management relay ports
ndmp-option Supervisor Set or show an NDMP option value
ndmp-pool-limits Supervisor Set or display NDMP process pool limits
ndmp-ruser Supervisor Display/modify NDMP/adc restricted users
ndmp-ruser-pwd User Change NDMP/adc restricted user password
ndmp-session-kill Supervisor Kill the NDMP session - any current operation will fail
ndmp-session-list Supervisor List active NDMP sessions
ndmp-session-stats Supervisor Display performance stats for the current transfer of the NDMP session
ndmp-session-trace Supervisor Dump the set of currently enabled traces or the trace for the specified session
ndmp-session-trace-add Supervisor Start per-session tracing for the specified NDMP subsystem
ndmp-session-trace-remove Supervisor Stop per-session tracing for the specified NDMP subsystem
ndmp-snapshot-options Supervisor Display and/or set NDMP snapshot options
ndmp-source-stats Supervisor Show NDMP source stats for this node
ndmp-status User Display or change NDMP status
ndmp-target-stats Supervisor Show NDMP target stats for this node
ndmp-trace-mask Supervisor Set new NDMP trace mask. (ALL/ON/OFF/NONE/<number>/0x<hex>)
ndmp-user Supervisor Set or get NDMP user information
ndp-dump Supervisor dumps ndp
ndp-flush Supervisor flushes ndp information
netbios Supervisor Used to enable/disable NetBIOS
netstat Supervisor Show network statistics
network-cidr-disable Supervisor Disable CIDR routing
network-cidr-enable Supervisor Enable CIDR routing
network-cidr-show Supervisor Show CIDR routing status
network-protocol-performance-monitor-auto-log-disable Supervisor Set spare logging capacity to remain unused.
network-protocol-performance-monitor-auto-log-enable Supervisor Set spare logging capacity to be spread over filesystems that haven't had any logging configured.
network-protocol-performance-monitor-clear Supervisor Clear all statistics stored by the network protocol performance monitor.
network-protocol-performance-monitor-dump Supervisor Dump raw network protocol stats
network-protocol-performance-monitor-logsize Supervisor Set or report configured buffer sizes for network protocol performance monitor statistics for file systems.
network-protocol-performance-monitor-report Supervisor Report all statistics stored by the network protocol performance monitor.
network-protocol-performance-monitor-set-defaults Supervisor Set network protocol performance monitor statistics back to factory default settings.
new-battery-fitted Supervisor Set the relevant fields in the Serial EEPROM for a new battery
nfs-character-conversion-perf-reset Supervisor Reset the character conversion performance statistics
nfs-character-conversion-perf-show Supervisor Display character conversion performance statistics
nfs-client-tab Supervisor List the clients accessing the specified export
nfs-errors Supervisor Report NFS protocol errors
nfs-export User Report, create, delete, and modify NFS exports on file systems or cluster/EVS namespaces
nfs-export-advertise-for-virtual-volumes Supervisor Configure the advertising of NFS exports at the roots of virtual volumes
nfs-export-dump Supervisor Show NFS exports and/or mounts
nfs-hostname Supervisor Get, Set or Clear NFS server's hostname
nfs-max-supported-version Supervisor Set maximum supported version of NFS protocol
nfs-mnt-tab Supervisor Report or remove NFS mount records
nfs-perf Supervisor Display NFS performance statistics
nfs-stats User Report or reset NFS statistics
nfsv3-rsize-get Supervisor Display the maximum number of bytes per NFSv3 READ request the client can receive.
nfsv3-rsize-set Supervisor Set the maximum number of bytes per NFSv3 READ request the client can receive.
nfsv3-wsize-get Supervisor Display the maximum number of bytes per NFSv3 WRITE request the client can send.
nfsv3-wsize-set Supervisor Set the maximum number of bytes per NFSv3 WRITE request the client can send.
nfsv4-compound Supervisor Display NFSv4 COMPOUND sub-command combinations
nfsv4-public-filehandle Supervisor nfsv4 public filehandle
nibrx-load Supervisor Load information for NIBRX FPGA
nibrx-profile Supervisor Profiles nibrxh1 state machines
nibtcp-load Supervisor Load information for NIBTCP FPGA
nibtcp-profile Supervisor Profiles nibtcph1 state machines
nibtx-load Supervisor Load information for NIBTX FPGA
nibtx-profile Supervisor Profiles nibtxh1 state machines
nicc-load Supervisor Load information for NICC FPGA
nicc-profile Supervisor Profiles nicch1 state machines
nif-bindings Supervisor Display interface bindings
nim Supervisor Run command on other board
nim-cifs-bytes-transferred Supervisor Show nim cifs bytes transferred performance statistics
nim-cifs-perf Supervisor Show nim cifs perf performance statistics
nim-hw-tx-destination-ip-address-table Supervisor display the TX DEST IP ADDRESS table
nim-mib Supervisor Display NIM MIB stats
nim-nfs-bytes-transferred Supervisor Show nim nfs bytes transferred performance statistics
nim-nfs-perf Supervisor Show nim nfs perf performance statistics
nim-pause-stats Supervisor Display NIM MAC PAUSE stats
nim-tcb Supervisor dump active TCBs
nim-tcp-analysis Supervisor change tcpan settings
nim-tcp-connection-analysis-disable Supervisor globally disable tcpan per-connection data gathering
nim-tcp-connection-analysis-enable Supervisor globally enable tcpan per-connection data gathering
nim-tcp-connection-analysis-show Supervisor displays tcpan per-connection data gathering status
nim-tcp-connection-tcpan Supervisor display the TCP per-connection TCPAN table
nim-tcp-tcpan Supervisor display the TCP TCPAN table
nim-tx-destination-address-logger Supervisor Display Discovery log
nim-tx-destination-address-table Supervisor Dump Discovery
nim-tx-hog Supervisor Lists the number of NIM TX buffers consumed by each connection
nim-vlsi-diags-dump Supervisor Dump NIM/NI VLSI Diagnostics
nis-broadcast-mode Supervisor Configure NIS to use broadcast mode or not
nis-cache-flush Supervisor Flushes the NIS client cache
nis-cache-list Supervisor Lists the NIS client cache contents
nis-gid-number-from-group-name Supervisor test nisclient::api::GidFromGroup
nis-group-name-from-gid-number Supervisor test nisclient::api::GroupFromGid
nis-host-from-addr Supervisor test nisclient::api::HostFromAddr
nis-host-from-name Supervisor test nisclient::api::HostRecordFromName
nis-is-host-in-netgroup Supervisor test nisclient::api::IsHostInNetgroup
nis-ldap-mode Supervisor Display / update common NIS/LDAP mode info
nis-ldap-version Supervisor Displays or changes server's LDAP client protocol version.
nis-netgroups-for-host Supervisor test nisclient::api::GetNetgroupsForHost
nis-netgroups-nobyhost-config Supervisor Show/set configuration for netgroup lookups without netgroup.byhost map
nis-netgroups-nobyhost-stats Supervisor Show/Reset stats for netgroup lookups without netgroup.byhost map
nis-rebind Supervisor Cause the NIS client to rebind to a server
nis-server User Configure NIS servers
nis-set Supervisor Configure the NIS client settings
nis-show User Display all NIS client configuration information
nis-state Supervisor Configure the NIS client to be active or not
nis-uid-number-from-user-name Supervisor test nisclient::api::UidFromName
nis-user-name-from-uid-number Supervisor test nisclient::api::NameFromUid
nis-verify-password Supervisor test nisclient::api::VerifyPassword
nolog User Run command without logging output to dblog
nsorder Supervisor Report/configure name service ordering
ntp User NTP configuration
nvlocate Supervisor Reports the cluster nodes that have NVRAM for the specified file system.
nvmirroring User Queries the state of NVRAM mirroring
nvpages User List/free NVRAM pages reserved for file systems
nvstats Supervisor Print statistics relating to NVRAM usage
obj-load Supervisor Load information for OBJ FPGA
obj-profile Supervisor Profiles objh1 state machines
obj-read Supervisor Reads data from an object using OBJ_READ
obj-stat Supervisor Shows information about a given OBJ_STORE object
object-number-to-path Supervisor Dumps the path(s) of a given object
onode Supervisor Decodes an onode dumping the result to the console
open-file-state Supervisor Displays the open state of a file
oplock-stats Supervisor Show oplock statistics
oplog Supervisor Displays summary information of the last few inquiries & responses.
oplog-ctrl Supervisor Controls VLSI logging of last few inquiries & responses.
ops User Show average number of OPS per second
overallstatus User Report overall system status
package-check-compatibility Supervisor Check whether two package versions can run in the same cluster
package-combined-check Supervisor Check a combined package for compatibility with the currently running package.
package-combined-install Supervisor Install a combined package.
package-combined-install-progress Supervisor Check the progress of a combined package install.
package-diagnose Supervisor Try and diagnose why a package install failed
package-get-status Supervisor Get status of a package
package-get-version Supervisor Get version of a package
package-install Supervisor Install a package
package-list Supervisor List installed packages
package-remove Supervisor Delete a package
package-set-default Supervisor Set default package
package-upgrade Supervisor Upgrade software running on server
packet-capture Supervisor captures packets
papi-status User Show PAPI status
password User Change password of a user
path-mtu-flush User Flush Path MTU Table
path-mtu-show User Display Path MTU Table
path-to-object-number Supervisor Attempt to resolve an object number from a path
perf User Show performance stats
performance-api-cli-get Supervisor Send a request to the Performance API Server
performance-api-disable Supervisor Disable the Performance Monitoring API Server
performance-api-enable Supervisor Enable the Performance Monitoring API Server
performance-api-show Supervisor Show the state of the Performance Monitoring API Server
performance-info-report Supervisor Run a performance info report (PIR)
phy-link-state User Display PHY characteristics
ping User Ping remote system
ping-from-evs User Ping remote system
ping6 User Ping remote system
ping6-from-evs User Ping remote system
pir-cancel Supervisor Cancel a performance info report (PIR)
pir-status Supervisor Query the status of a performance info report (PIR)
pir-stop-and-send Supervisor Finish a performance info report (PIR) early
pluggable-transceiver-dump Supervisor Dump data from pluggable transceivers
pluggable-transceiver-support-list Supervisor Show to the supported parts list(s)
pool-dynamic-allocation Supervisor Turn dynamic pool allocation on or off
pool-vptr Supervisor Analyze pool usage
poolstats Supervisor Display pool statistics
posix-chown-restricted Supervisor Turns _POSIX_CHOWN_RESTRICTED on and off
post-status Supervisor Report whether the Power On Self Test (POST) failed. Show its output if it did.
prefix Supervisor Runs a command prefixing each line of output with the supplied string
primary-group-delete Supervisor Delete a user-to-primary group mapping
primary-group-delete-all Supervisor Delete all user-to-primary group mappings
primary-group-disable-saving Supervisor Disables automatic saving of the user-to-primary group table
primary-group-list User List the user-to-primary group table
primary-group-save Supervisor Saves the user-to-primary group table
primary-group-set Supervisor Set a user's primary group
profile Supervisor Profiles for a period of time and then dumps the results. Defaults to a combined profile of all threads.
profile-clear Supervisor Clears profiling results
profile-continue Supervisor Resumes profiling after a pause
profile-dump Supervisor Dumps current profiling results
profile-off Supervisor Stops profiling and dumps results
profile-on Supervisor Clears profiling results and starts profiling
profile-pause Supervisor Pauses profiling until a continue
profile-status Supervisor Reports whether or not the profiler is running
profile-threads Supervisor Reports all the pthread that can be profiles
protocol-character-set Supervisor Get/Set NIS, NFS or both character sets
protocol-error-logging Supervisor Show/Control protocol error logging
purge-mount-records Supervisor Purge all MOUNT records
pwd Supervisor Print the current working directory
query User Queries the specified file system
quorumd Supervisor Add, remove and show the quorum device for a cluster
quota User Add/remove/list quotas
quota-event Supervisor Enable/disable adding quota events to the event log
read-ahead Supervisor Set read ahead
read-cache-settings Supervisor Get/Set the read caching parameters
read-cache-stats User Displays the read cache statistics for the current cluster node
reboot Supervisor Reboot the server or cluster
remote-cvl-http-errors Supervisor Report remote CVL HTTP protocol errors
remote-cvl-http-perf Supervisor Display remote CVL HTTP performance statistics
remote-cvl-http-stats Supervisor Display statistics for remote cross volume links over HTTP
remote-cvl-nfs-errors Supervisor Report remote CVL NFS protocol errors
remote-cvl-nfs-stats Supervisor Display statistics for remote cross volume links over NFS
remote-http-errors Supervisor Report remote HTTP protocol errors
remote-http-options Supervisor Configure options for the external migration HTTP client
remote-mount-errors Supervisor Report remote mount protocol errors
remote-nfs-errors Supervisor Report remote NFS protocol errors
remote-nfs-exports Supervisor Get a list of exports from the named NFS server, like "showmount -e server"
remote-server-cache-list Supervisor List the remote server cache
replication-abort Supervisor Abort an object replication
replication-csv-active-fs Supervisor Show file systems with active object replication sessions
replication-delete-record Supervisor Deletes the replication record (Use only on instruction from your support provider)
replication-destination-perf Supervisor Show object replication destination performance measures
replication-get-record Supervisor Displays the replication record for the specified replication.
replication-history-clear Supervisor Clears the object replication history for a specified policy.
replication-history-list Supervisor Lists object replication history for a specified policy.
replication-list-records Supervisor Lists replication records where the file system is the source or destination.
replication-listening-port Supervisor Query/change the object replication port number
replication-modify-record Supervisor Changes the status in the replication record (Use only on instruction from your support provider)
replication-policy-create Supervisor Create an object replication policy
replication-policy-delete Supervisor Delete an object replication policy
replication-policy-list Supervisor List the object replication policies
replication-policy-modify Supervisor Modify an object replication policy
replication-recovery-default-transfer-setting-get Supervisor Get the per file system default access point transfer disaster recovery setting.
replication-recovery-default-transfer-setting-set Supervisor Set the per file system default access point transfer disaster recovery setting.
replication-recovery-local-config-update Supervisor Updates the local configuration of a file system
replication-recovery-logging-policy-get Supervisor Get the logging policy for replication recovery tasks
replication-recovery-logging-policy-set Supervisor Set the logging policy for replication recovery tasks
replication-recovery-task-cancel Supervisor Cancel replication recovery tasks
replication-recovery-task-list Supervisor Display a replication recovery task's summary
replication-recovery-task-log-delete Supervisor Delete a recovery task's log and summary
replication-recovery-task-log-get Supervisor Display a recovery task's log
replication-recovery-task-submit Supervisor Submit a replication recovery task for a file system
replication-schedule-create Supervisor Create an object replication schedule
replication-schedule-delete Supervisor Delete an object replication schedule
replication-schedule-list Supervisor List the object replication schedules
replication-schedule-modify Supervisor Modify an object replication schedule
replication-show-active Supervisor Show active object replication sessions
replication-source-perf Supervisor Show object replication source performance measures
replication-source-throughput-limit-set Supervisor Limits the aggregate throughput of object replications
replication-source-throughput-limit-show Supervisor Shows the current object replication throughput limit
replication-start Supervisor Perform object replication
replication-target-convert-to-read-write-fs Supervisor Converts a replication target file system to be generally modifiable, and not modifiable by object replication
replication-target-revert-from-read-write-fs Supervisor Reverts a replication target file system to only be modifiable by object replication
rest-server-start Supervisor Starts the RESTful API server.
rest-server-status Supervisor Retrieves the status of the RESTful API server.
rest-server-stop Supervisor Stops the RESTful API server.
restoreregistry Supervisor Restore the registry file from the current directory
reverse-migrate Supervisor Reverse migrate a cross volume link
reverse-migrate-queue-list Supervisor Print a list of queued operations
rip Supervisor Configure/Display RIP listener
rm Supervisor Unlink files
rmdir Supervisor Unlink directories
root-of-mount Supervisor Get/set the current root of mount
route User Display/Configure Route Table
route-flush Supervisor Flush the router cache
route-gateway-add Supervisor Add a gateway route
route-gateway-delete Supervisor Delete a gateway route
route-host-add Supervisor Add a host route
route-host-delete Supervisor Delete a host route
route-list User Display standard route registry configuration
route-mtu-add Supervisor Add an mtu route
route-mtu-delete Supervisor Delete an mtu route
route-net-add Supervisor Add a network route
route-net-delete Supervisor Delete a network route
router-dump Supervisor dumps the whole of the router
router-dump-active Supervisor dumps the active router
router-dump-by-evs Supervisor dumps the routes by EVS
routing-by-evs-disable Supervisor Disable routing by EVS
routing-by-evs-enable Supervisor Enable routing by EVS
routing-by-evs-show Supervisor Show state of routing by EVS
rpc-config Supervisor Configure RPC
rpc-errors Supervisor Report RPC protocol errors
rpc-gss-errors Supervisor Report RPC GSS protocol errors
rpc-service-nfs-udp Supervisor Enable/disable the registration of NFS over UDP with portmapper to control use of the service
rpcport User List/modify the port numbers associated with RPC services.
rquota Supervisor Queries/modifies the rquota protocol settings
run Supervisor Run command(s) and send the output to email recipient(s)
run-level Supervisor Show system run level
scheduler-stats Supervisor Reports core scheduler statistics
scsi-cap10 Supervisor Send a SCSI Capacity10 command to the target device
scsi-cap16 Supervisor Send a SCSI Capacity16 command to the target device
scsi-clean Supervisor Delete redundant SCSI driver objects
scsi-devices Supervisor Display information about SCSI devices
scsi-devidinq Supervisor Send a SCSI Device ID Page Inquiry command to the target device
scsi-disks Supervisor Display information about SCSI disk devices
scsi-dslog Supervisor dump/clear the SCSI device status logs
scsi-dump-device-state Supervisor Dump state information about a device or all devices
scsi-dump-mc-status Supervisor Dump the SCSI media checker state of a device
scsi-dump-port-state Supervisor Dump state information about this SCSI port
scsi-dump-rack-info Supervisor dump engineering debug level scsi racks information
scsi-dump-rack-states Supervisor dump engineering debug rack state information
scsi-fpga-log Supervisor dump/clear FPGA log
scsi-ignore-redundancy-check Supervisor Suppress loss of redundancy warning alerts for the offline SCSI port
scsi-inq Supervisor Send a SCSI inquiry command to the target device
scsi-io-errors Supervisor Display error stats for SCSI ports & devices
scsi-log Supervisor dump/clear SCSI logs
scsi-msense10 Supervisor Send a SCSI mode sense 10 command to the target device
scsi-msense6 Supervisor Send a SCSI mode sense 6 command to the target device
scsi-ports Supervisor Print info about SCSI ports
scsi-queue-depths Supervisor Show SCSI queue depths
scsi-racks Supervisor Display the storage racks connected to the server
scsi-raid-groups Supervisor Display the Raid Groups for each storage rack or the Raid Group information for a SD.
scsi-refresh Supervisor Force a refresh of SCSI state
scsi-rep-port-groups Supervisor Send a SCSI Report Target Port Groups command to the target device
scsi-repluns Supervisor Send a SCSI Report LUNs command to the target device
scsi-tapes Supervisor Display information about SCSI tape devices
scsi-tur Supervisor Send a SCSI Test Unit Ready command to the target device
scsi-usninq Supervisor Send a SCSI Universal Serial Number Inquiry command to the target device
scsi-vpdinq Supervisor Send a SCSI Vital Product Data Inquiry command to the target device
sd-allow-access Supervisor License (allow access to) one or more system drives
sd-back-up-cod Supervisor Read a single system drive's span and filesystem config into a file
sd-cod-history Supervisor Show Cod history on a span or an SD
sd-deny-access Supervisor Unlicense (deny access to) one or more system drives
sd-dump-block Supervisor Read and hexdump one block from a system drive
sd-dump-cod Supervisor Show the span and filesystem config on a system drive
sd-dump-encroachment-area Supervisor Dump one or more SDs' encroachment areas to the console
sd-dump-unloadable-cod Supervisor Show all unloadable span and filesystem Cod on all system drives
sd-enumerate Supervisor List system drives specified on the command line
sd-expedite-encroachment-check Supervisor Bring forward the next check of encroachment areas of healthy SDs used in spans
sd-forget Supervisor Remove one or more system drives from the ID Manager database
sd-fp-pending Supervisor Dump failed or timed-out fast-path management I/Os that haven't yet completed
sd-group-add Supervisor Add system drives to an existing group
sd-group-auto Supervisor Create accurate SD groups after interrogating storage
sd-group-create Supervisor Create a new system drive group
sd-group-delete Supervisor Delete system drive groups
sd-group-export Supervisor Export one or more system drive groups to a text file
sd-group-import Supervisor Import SD groups from a text file into the registry
sd-group-list User List some or all system drive groups
sd-group-remove Supervisor Remove system drives from groups
sd-identify-encroachment Supervisor Try to determine which operating system encroached on one or more system drives
sd-list User List system drives
sd-list-changed-luids Supervisor See whether any licensed, healthy system drives' Luids have changed
sd-list-queues Supervisor Print SD queues
sd-luids-list Supervisor Produce a table of SD device IDs and Luids
sd-metadata Supervisor List SDs' encroachment and Cod
sd-mirror Supervisor Tell the server that a Raid mirror has been created or will be destroyed
sd-mirror-detect Supervisor Detect, list and configure Raid mirror relationships
sd-mirror-prepare Supervisor Prepare to detect and then list or configure Raid mirror relationships
sd-mirror-remotely Supervisor Add mirror relationships to a span whose secondary SDs aren't visible to this server
sd-object-dump Supervisor List one or all SDs
sd-peg Supervisor Force the server to assume mirror roles for system drives
sd-recover-from-changed-luids Supervisor Try to salvage spans after system drives' Luids change
sd-rescan-cod Supervisor Optionally unload a specified span and its filesystems; rescan Cod from unspanned SDs
sd-restore-cod Supervisor Write saved span config back to a single system drive
sd-restore-cod-signature Supervisor Restore a Cod signature previously wiped by sd-wipe-cod-signature
sd-set Supervisor Set system drives' width, stripesize, site ID, comment, queue depth and/or tier
sd-span-cod-reads Supervisor Suppress reading of span Cod for a few minutes
sd-tier-export Supervisor Export SD tiers to a text file
sd-tier-import Supervisor Import SD tiers from a text file
sd-to-fs-offsets Supervisor Translate SD offsets to fs & offset
sd-translate-offset Supervisor Translate SD device ID and offset to the same offset in other formats
sd-wipe-cod-signature Supervisor Make the server ignore the span configuration on a system drive
sdg-allocate-control-mode Supervisor Control System Drive Group allocation mode
search-directory Supervisor Searches the contents of a specified Directory for a particular target and dumps it to the console
security-decode-file Supervisor Displays a file's security information.
security-mode Supervisor Get/Set security mode
selectfs Supervisor Select/display the file system for this console
send-quota-report Supervisor Send a quota details report now
service-running Supervisor Display service status
serviceconfig Supervisor Configure or show services allowed
set Supervisor Sets a variable (or lists them)
set-for-evs Supervisor Sets a variable (or lists them)
setdate User Display/set system date
setnis User Configure NIS support.
settime User Display/set system time (24 hour format)
sfps Supervisor Dump data from SFPs (deprecated)
shortname Supervisor Enable/disable DOS short name generation
show-exchange-history Supervisor Display RIS activity log
show-stats Supervisor Shows statistics whose names contain the optional substring
show-superflush-potential Supervisor Estimate the number of superflushable and other writes on a filesystem
shutdown Supervisor Shutdown the server or cluster
si-load Supervisor Load information for SI FPGA
si-profile Supervisor Profiles sih1 state machines
si-superflush-statistics Supervisor Display superflush statistics
sib-show-lock-owners Supervisor Display users of Span Manager, ID Manager and SCSI locks
sim Supervisor Run command on other board
sim-poller Supervisor check the contents of the poller
sim-show-worker-tasks Supervisor Display a list of dispatch manager running worker tasks
sim-worker-threads Supervisor Display load history of dispatch manager
sim-write-threshold Supervisor Set dirty page threshold over which user writes are suspended
simple-persistent-config Supervisor Display current and default values of SimplePersistentConfig items
sleep User Pause for the specified time
smb-client-connection-list Supervisor Enumerate the current SMB client connections
smb-client-errors Supervisor Report SMB client protocol errors
smb-client-stats User Report SMB client statistics
smb-max-supported-version Supervisor Set or display the maximum supported version of SMB
smb-min-supported-version Supervisor Set or display the minimum supported version of SMB
smb2-client-side-symlink-handling-default Supervisor Revert symlink handling over SMB2 to the default.
smb2-client-side-symlink-handling-disable Supervisor Disable symlink handling over SMB2.
smb2-client-side-symlink-handling-enable Supervisor Enable symlink handling over SMB2.
smb2-client-side-symlink-handling-status Supervisor Display the behaviour of symlinks over SMB2.
smb2-session-connection-list Supervisor Display the connections used by SMB2+ sessions
smb3-encryption-default Supervisor Set SMB3 encryption to its default value of disabled on the current EVS
smb3-encryption-disable Supervisor Disable SMB3 encryption on the current EVS
smb3-encryption-enable Supervisor Enable SMB3 encryption on the current EVS
smb3-encryption-status User Display the SMB3 encryption status of the current EVS
smb3-multichannel-max-channels-per-session-set Supervisor Set the maximum number of channels per multichannel session.
smb3-multichannel-max-channels-per-session-show Supervisor Display the maximum channels per new session
smb3-reject-unencrypted-access-default Supervisor Set 'reject unencrypted access' to its default value of disabled on the current EVS
smb3-reject-unencrypted-access-disable Supervisor Disable 'reject unencrypted access' on the current EVS
smb3-reject-unencrypted-access-enable Supervisor Enable 'reject unencrypted access' on the current EVS
smb3-reject-unencrypted-access-status User Display the SMB3 'reject unencrypted access' status of the current EVS
smtp-clear-queue Supervisor Discard all messages in the SMTP queue
smtp-retry-connection Supervisor Retry the connection to the SMTP server now
smtp-statistics Supervisor Displays SMTP client statistics
smu-get-diagnostic Supervisor Get SMU diagnostic to local file
smu-service-disable Supervisor Disable the SMU service
smu-service-enable Supervisor Enable the SMU service
smu-service-restart Supervisor Restart the SMU service
smu-service-status Supervisor Report the SMU service status.
smu-uninstall Supervisor Uninstall the SMU
smu-version Supervisor Report the embedded SMU's version
snapshot User Snapshot management (deprecated, please see man page)
snapshot-create Supervisor Create a snapshot with the supplied name, or by invoking a rule.
snapshot-delete Supervisor Delete the named snapshot, or all the snapshots associated with a rule.
snapshot-delete-all Supervisor Delete all snapshots on a file system.
snapshot-deleter-queue User Show work on the deleter queue
snapshot-deletion Supervisor Show/set whether a volume is modifiable by the deleter
snapshot-list User Display details of a file system's snapshots, or those snapshots associated with a rule.
snapshot-recover-fs Supervisor Recover a file system from a snapshot.
snapshot-rename Supervisor Rename a manually created snapshot.
snapshot-rule-create Supervisor Create a snapshot rule.
snapshot-rule-delete Supervisor Delete a snapshot rule and associated snapshots/schedules.
snapshot-rule-list User Display details of the snapshot rules.
snapshot-rule-modify Supervisor Modify a snapshot rule.
snmp-communities User Manipulate authentic SNMP communities
snmp-hosts User Manipulate authentic SNMP hosts
snmp-port-set Supervisor Change SNMP listening port
snmp-port-show Supervisor Report SNMP listening port
snmp-protocol Supervisor Report/configure SNMP Agent Protocol Usage
snmp-stats User Report or reset SNMP statistics
snmp-trap-port-set Supervisor Change SNMP trap sender port
snmp-trap-port-show Supervisor Report SNMP trap sender port
snmp-traps User Manipulate SNMP traps
snmpv3-user-add Supervisor Add an SNMPv3 user
snmpv3-user-delete Supervisor Delete an SNMPv3 user
snmpv3-user-delete-all Supervisor Delete all SNMPv3 users
snmpv3-user-list Supervisor List all SNMPv3 users
span-add-cluster-uuid Supervisor Permit a further cluster to manage a span and mount its filesystems
span-add-snapshot Supervisor Detect a snapshot of a span on newly created and licensed snapshot SDs
span-allow-access Supervisor Allow access to all the system drives in a span
span-assign-to-cluster Supervisor Make a span manageable and its filesystem mountable by a new cluster
span-back-up-cod Supervisor Create a file containing the span and filesystem Cod for one span
span-break-mirrors Supervisor Tell the server that all a span's Raid mirrors are about to be broken
span-chunk-translate-offset Supervisor Translate span, chunk number and offset to the same offset in other formats
span-confine Supervisor Prevent auto-expansion of all filesystems on a span
span-create Supervisor Create a span of up to 32 system drives
span-decode-tiers Supervisor Copy a span's SD tiers to a backup cluster, using the output of 'span-encode-tiers'
span-delete Supervisor Delete a span
span-delete-all-filesystems Supervisor Delete all filesystems on a span whose filesystem catalogue or chunk table is unloadable
span-delete-snapshot Supervisor Delete one snapshot, leaving others in place
span-deny-access Supervisor Unload a span from memory; deny access to all its host system drives
span-disable-snapshots Supervisor Take a span out of copy-on-write snapshot mode
span-dump User Dump full details of one or all spans
span-dump-cod Supervisor Dump one or all currently loaded spans in the same format as 'sd-dump-cod'
span-enable-snapshots Supervisor Put a span into copy-on-write snapshot mode
span-encode-tiers Supervisor Produce a command line for 'span-decode-tiers'
span-expand Supervisor Add a new stripeset of up to 32 system drives to an existing span
span-expansion-requirements Supervisor Determine how many SDs must be added by 'span-expand', and of what types
span-expedite-compression-space-check Supervisor Tell the server to check compressed physical space at once on all spans
span-expedite-hdp-space-check Supervisor Tell the server to use new space on HDP pools at once if filesystems need auto-expanding
span-hdp-preallocation Supervisor Control whether the server should pre-allocate HDP pages when allocating chunks
span-hdp-thickly-provisioned Supervisor Indicate that a span that violates HDP guidelines will always be thickly provisioned
span-hide Supervisor Hide a span's filesystems to prevent unwanted I/O
span-list User List one or all spans
span-list-chunks Supervisor List all chunks in a span or a filesystem
span-list-cluster-uuids Supervisor List the clusters that can mount a span's filesystems and administer the span
span-list-filesystem-cod Supervisor Summarize the filesystem Cod on all system drives in a span
span-list-recycle-bin Supervisor List the filesystems that can be undeleted on a span
span-list-snapshots Supervisor List all the snapshots of a specified span
span-load-filesystem-cod Supervisor Load fs Cod from one SD into a span; ignore other SDs' fs Cod, or lack of it
span-mapped-space Supervisor See how much disk space is mapped and how much is expected
span-mirror-health User Show health, licensing and pegging of one or all spans' system drives
span-object-dump Supervisor Dump all loaded spans to the console
span-object-list Supervisor List all span and filesystem IDs and names
span-prepare-for-resync Supervisor Prepare the span before an intermittent Raid mirror is remade
span-propagate-filesystem-cod Supervisor Copy the filesystem Cod from an SD to all others in the same span
span-release Supervisor Allow auto-expansion of all unconfined filesystems on a span
span-reload-after-resync Supervisor Bring a span back up after an intermittent mirror is broken
span-reload-protection Supervisor Reloads encroachment; makes filesystems (un)available
span-remove-cluster-uuid Supervisor Stop a cluster from managing a span and mounting its filesystems
span-rename Supervisor Rename a span
span-rename-snapshot Supervisor Change the name of a storage-based snapshot
span-replace-sd Supervisor Replace a system drive within a span
span-restore-cod Supervisor span-restore-cod
span-reveal Supervisor Reveal a span's filesystems -- undo 'span-hide'
span-rewrite-cod Supervisor Rewrite the currently loaded config to all system drives in a span
span-set-cap-warn-thresh Supervisor Set the percentage fullness at which auto-expansion causes a warning event
span-set-default-cap-warn-thresh Supervisor Set the default span capacity warning threshold
span-set-site-id Supervisor Assign a span's system drives to a new site
span-show-all-statuses Supervisor Display the statuses of all spans
span-show-lock-owner Supervisor Display users of Span Manager locks
span-space-distribution Supervisor Shows the distribution of filesystems across stripesets
span-stop-unmapping Supervisor Stop returning a span's previously-used chunks to the underlying HDP pool, as started by 'span-unmap-vacated-chunks'
span-throttle-unmapping Supervisor Limit the rate at which a span's vacated chunks are unmapped
span-tier Supervisor Assign a span to a tier
span-translate-offset Supervisor Translate span and offset into the same offset in other formats
span-tune-allocator Supervisor Optimise future chunk allocations for balance or scalability
span-unmap-vacated-chunks Supervisor Return a span's previously-used chunks to the underlying HDP pool
span-uvm-thin-provisioning Supervisor Make the server treat a span as being on UVM if local SDs aren't on a DP-Pool (regardless of whether remote SDs use HDP or not)
span-vacated-chunks Supervisor Show statistics about any chunks that were in use but have been freed
span-wait-for-loading Supervisor Wait for all spans that are currently loading to finish loading
sscat Supervisor Cat file
sscp Supervisor Copy file
ssdiff Supervisor Compare two files
ssget Supervisor Get file
ssh-register-public-key Supervisor Add SSH public key for user
ssh-show-public-keys Supervisor Show all stored SSH public keys
ssh-show-registered-users Supervisor Show all registered SSH users
ssh-unregister-all-public-keys Supervisor Delete all stored SSH public keys
ssh-unregister-public-key Supervisor Delete a stored SSH public key
sslcert Supervisor show/put/get/remove ssl certificate
ssls Supervisor List flash directory contents
ssmk Supervisor Create file from console input
ssmv Supervisor Rename ssfs file
ssput Supervisor Put file
ssrm Supervisor Delete file(s) from flash
ssrun User Run script
sstar Supervisor Create archive from list of files
sstarls Supervisor List files in an archive
ssuntar Supervisor Extract files from an archive
start-logging-stats Supervisor Starts logging statistics whose names contain the optional string
stat Supervisor Displays file information
stats-logger Supervisor Turns statistics logger on or off
status User Report server status
stop-logging-stats Supervisor Stops logging statistics whose names contain the optional string
storage-request-stats User Show storage request stats
storage-throughput-stats User Show storage throughput statistics
stripeset-chunk-translate-offset Supervisor Translate stripeset, chunk no and offset to the same offset in other formats
stripeset-translate-offset Supervisor Translate stripeset and offset to the same offset in other formats
supportuser Supervisor Formerly used to elevate user level
system-information-get Supervisor Get system information
system-information-set Supervisor Set system information
tcp-per-connection-statistics-cancel Supervisor Cancel per-connection TCP statistics gathering
tcp-per-connection-statistics-show Supervisor Display recently gathered per-connection TCP statistics
tcp-per-connection-statistics-start Supervisor Start per-connection TCP statistics gathering
tcp-per-connection-statistics-status Supervisor Display per-connection TCP statistics gathering status
tcp-per-connection-statistics-stop Supervisor Stop per-connection TCP statistics gathering and display results
tcpipperfstats User Report TCP/IP connection information.
tcpstats User Report/reset TCP statistics
tdp-load Supervisor Load information for TDP FPGA
tdp-profile Supervisor Profiles tdph1 state machines
test Supervisor test condition
test-route Supervisor tests the router
test-route-by-evs Supervisor tests the router
thread-association Supervisor List all thread associations, or dump a specified association
thread-list Supervisor Lists current threads
thread-stack-trace Supervisor Dump stack back trace(s)
time User Run a command and summarize system resource usage.
timestamp-decode Supervisor Display WFS file system timestamp in human readable format
timestamp-encode Supervisor Convert human-readable date and time to a 32-bit or 64-bit Unix time integer
tls-certificate-create-custom Supervisor Create a new certificate and private key using the supplied values
tls-certificate-generate-csr Supervisor Generate and display a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
tls-certificate-import-signed Supervisor Import a signed X.509 or PKCS#7 certificate bundle
tls-certificate-import-trust-chain Supervisor Import a certificate authority's trust chain
tls-certificate-show Supervisor Show the installed SSL/TLS certificate, trust chain certificates and private key
tls-certificate-verify Supervisor Check that the installed certificate is valid.
tls-cipher-suite-default Supervisor Disable the default insecure cipher suites. Note that using this to change enabled versions will cause the HTTPS server to restart!
tls-cipher-suite-disable Supervisor Disables the specified cipher suite(s). Note that specifying any cipher suites will cause the HTTPS server to restart!
tls-cipher-suite-enable Supervisor Enables the specified cipher suite(s). Note that specifying any cipher suites will cause the HTTPS server to restart!
tls-cipher-suite-list Supervisor Lists the cipher suites that are enabled. Specify any filters after the command, when none are specified all cipher suites will be shown.
tls-version-list Supervisor Lists the disabled and enabled SSL/TLS versions.
tls-version-set Supervisor Enables the specified SSL/TLS version(s). Note that using this to change enabled versions will cause the HTTPS server to restart!
touch Supervisor Change file time/owner information
trace-list Supervisor List traces
trace-none Supervisor Sets all traces to off
trace-off Supervisor Runtime disabling of output
trace-on Supervisor Runtime enabling of output
traceroute User trace route to remote system
traceroute-from-evs User trace route to remote system
traceroute6 User trace route to remote system
traceroute6-from-evs User trace route to remote system
tree-clone-job-abort Supervisor Abort a tree cloning job specified by its job id
tree-clone-job-list Supervisor List the status of tree cloning jobs
tree-clone-job-status Supervisor Get the status of a tree cloning job specified by its job id
tree-clone-job-submit Supervisor Submit a request to clone a directory tree
tree-delete-job-abort Supervisor Abort a tree deleting job specified by its job id
tree-delete-job-list Supervisor List the status of tree delete jobs
tree-delete-job-reschedule Supervisor Submit a request to reschedule all stale jobs
tree-delete-job-status Supervisor Get the status of a tree delete job specified by its job id.
tree-delete-job-submit Supervisor Submit a request to delete a directory tree
trouble Supervisor Diagnose the cluster and the storage
trouble-ping Supervisor Contact all sources of trouble reports; display schemata
true-sparse-files Supervisor Displays/Updates the state of true sparse file handling
ttcp Supervisor run ttcp client
tz-list User List available timezones
tz-set Supervisor Set the system timezone
tz-show User Display system timezone and daylight saving
udpstats User Report/reset UDP statistics
umask-directory-set Supervisor Sets the umask for directory creation
umask-directory-show User Displays the umask for directory creation
umask-file-set Supervisor Set the umask for file creation
umask-file-show User Displays the umask for file creation
uname User Print system information
unmount Supervisor Unmounts the specified file system
unselectfs Supervisor Un-select the currently selected filesystem
unset Supervisor Removes a variable
unset-for-evs Supervisor Removes a variable
upgrade-history Supervisor Display software upgrade history
uptime User Displays how long the system has been running
user User Manage management users
user-authenticate User Authenticates a network user and reports their credentials
user-authenticate-stats User Reports network user authentication statistics
user-mappings-add Supervisor Creates a user mapping
user-mappings-commit Supervisor Commits changes to the user mappings table
user-mappings-delete Supervisor Deletes an existing user mapping
user-mappings-import-from-nis Supervisor Imports Unix name <--> id mappings from NIS
user-mappings-list Supervisor Lists users mappings
user-mappings-modify Supervisor Modifies an existing user mapping
user-mappings-refresh Supervisor Refreshes user mapping(s)
utility-progress Supervisor Display the progress of one or more utilities running on the either the supplied file system, the currently selected file system, or all file systems
utility-progress-monitor-clear Supervisor Remove any email monitoring of file system utilities
utility-progress-monitor-set Supervisor Set up email monitoring of file system utilities
utility-progress-monitor-show Supervisor Show status of email monitoring of file system utilities
vaai-errors Supervisor Report VAAI protocol errors
ver User Report server versions
virtual-volume User Virtual volume management (list/create/change/remove/remove all virtual volumes)
virtualization-license-report Supervisor Lists the amount of data currently virtualized by all virtualization paths
virtualization-path-control Supervisor Controls the background processing of files for the virtualization path for the specified target vivol/volume.
virtualization-path-create Supervisor Creates a virtualization path for the specified target.
virtualization-path-delete Supervisor Deletes the virtualization path for the specified target.
virtualization-path-excluded-directory-add Supervisor Adds an entry to the list of directories to be excluded from virtualization.
virtualization-path-excluded-directory-delete Supervisor Deletes an entry from the list of directories to be excluded from virtualization.
virtualization-path-excluded-directory-list Supervisor Reports the list of directories to be excluded from virtualization.
virtualization-path-files Supervisor Reports the list of files and directories that failed to virtualize for the specified association, and allows them to be retried.
virtualization-path-journal-control Supervisor Controls the virtualization path journal.
virtualization-path-journal-show Supervisor Displays journal of the deleted files.
virtualization-path-list Supervisor Lists the virtualization paths and current status for the target file system.
virtualization-path-modify Supervisor Modifies a virtualization path for the specified target vivol/volume.
virtualization-path-stats Supervisor Report virtualization path statistics
virusscan Supervisor Get/set virus scanning settings
virusscan-exclusion-list-add Supervisor Add one or more file extensions to the exclusion list
virusscan-exclusion-list-clear Supervisor Remove all file extensions from the exclusion list
virusscan-exclusion-list-disable Supervisor Disable the virus scanning exclusion list
virusscan-exclusion-list-enable Supervisor Enable the virus scanning exclusion list
virusscan-exclusion-list-remove Supervisor Remove one or more file extensions from the exclusion list
virusscan-failures Supervisor Report virus scan failures
virusscan-icap-engine-add Supervisor Add an ICAP virus scanning engine
virusscan-icap-engine-delete Supervisor Delete an ICAP virus scanning engine
virusscan-icap-engine-delete-all Supervisor Delete all ICAP virus scanning engines
virusscan-icap-engine-list Supervisor List the registered ICAP virus scanning engines
virusscan-icap-engine-modify Supervisor Modify an existing ICAP virus scanning engine
virusscan-max-file-size-disable Supervisor Disable the virus scanning maximum file size feature
virusscan-max-file-size-enable Supervisor Enable the virus scanning maximum file size feature
virusscan-max-file-size-set Supervisor Configure the virus scanning maximum file size
virusscan-max-file-size-show Supervisor Show the virus scanning maximum file size configuration
virusscan-mode-get Supervisor Get virus scan mode
virusscan-mode-set Supervisor Set virus scan mode
virusscan-perf Supervisor Display Virus scan performance statistics
vlan Supervisor Display/Remove VLANs (deprecated)
vlan-interface-create Supervisor Create a VLAN interface
vlan-interface-delete Supervisor Delete a VLAN interface
vlan-interface-delete-all Supervisor Delete all VLAN interfaces
vlan-interface-show Supervisor Display all VLAN interfaces
vlsi-profiler-add Supervisor Add a state machine to be included in automated vlsi profiling.
vlsi-profiler-delete-all Supervisor Clear the list of state machines included in automated vlsi profiling.
vlsi-profiler-list Supervisor List the state machines included in automated vlsi profiling.
vlsi-profiler-threshold-set Supervisor Set the minimum busy percentage for a state machine in order for it to be profiled.
vlsi-profiler-threshold-show Supervisor Show the minimum busy percentage for a state machine in order for it to be profiled.
vlsishowall Supervisor Run all commands in vlsishowall.txt
volumefaillimits Supervisor Sets the volume failure limit.
vss-account Supervisor Manage currently registered VSS provider accounts
vss-perf Supervisor Display Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) performance statistics
vss-rpc-log Supervisor Display or clear the log of VSS RPCs received by this pnode
wdir-load Supervisor Load information for WDIR FPGA
wdir-profile Supervisor Profiles wdirh1 state machines
wfile-load Supervisor Load information for WFILE FPGA
wfile-profile Supervisor Profiles wfileh1 state machines
wfs-async-errors Supervisor Report WFS asynchronous inquiry errors
wfs-errors Supervisor Report WFS inquiry errors
wfs-metadata-read-ahead Supervisor Control WFS metadata read-ahead settings
wfs-user-data-write-policy Supervisor Get/Set userdata write policy
who Supervisor Show who is currently logged in
whoami Any Display name of user currently logged in
winsbinding Supervisor Configure WINS registration for a specific network interface
winsconfig User Query/set WINS IPv4 addresses
witness-evs-binding-list User List Witness EVS bindings.
witness-registration-list-show User Show Witness Registration List
witness-registration-show User Show Witness Registration
witness-stats User Show Witness Protocol Statistics.
witness-stats-reset Supervisor Reset Witness Protocol Statistics.
witness-unused-registration-timeout-show User Show Witness Unused Registration Timeout
wlog-load Supervisor Load information for WLOG FPGA
wlog-profile Supervisor Profiles wlogh1 state machines
xfp-support Supervisor Report/manage the supported parts list
xfps Supervisor Dump data from XFPs (deprecated)
xvl Supervisor Create an external volume link
ypcat User Prints values of all keys in an NIS database
ypmatch User Prints the value of a key from an NIS map
ypwhich User Returns the address of the NIS master or master map


The following table lists "filter" commands which can be used along with some of the NAS server commands listed in the previous table. A filter command is a secondary command added to a NAS server command using the command redirection pipe character (|). The filter command reads the NAS server command's output, performs post-processing on it, then writes the resulting output. Filter commands divide, rearrange, or extract portions of the information that passes through them, and are used to sort, view, and select parts of a NAS server command output.



Part: MK-92HNAS073-04